Trailer: VIKING looks to get medieval on your ass

I’m a big fan of the History Channel series Vikings, even if it is just Sons of Anarchy with broadswords and long boats. It’s surprisingly brutal and emotional and mystical, the mushroom-tripping Rollo the berserker is a creature of monstrous beauty, I love the way they handle the different languages that are spoken (often within the same conversation), and frankly it looks amazing (I don’t know what the budget on the Canadian-Irish coproduction is but they threw every dime onto the screen). So I’m up for anything with Norsemen and women and battle axes and snow and bloodshed—I still lament the loss of the Viking movie Mel Gibson once intended to make. So perhaps this Russian film, Viking, from director Andrey Kravchuk, will sate my bloodlust. It looks gorgeous; the shot of the warriors on horseback thundering out of the snow-covered trees is simply stunning. Yep, it looks epic in all the right ways.