TAD review: Synchronicity and Lazer Team come up short

Like the first two games of the ALCS, Friday night’s sci-fi double feature of Synchronicity and Lazer Team at Toronto After Dark was a bust.

Synchronicity is a convoluted and plodding effort about a caffeine-and-coked-out physicist’s attempts to manufacture a wormhole that bends space-time. Heavily influenced by both Blade Runner and Primer, with its just-slightly-futuristic set design, noirish undertones and serious people doing serious experiments while delivering stilted and ultimately meaningless science babble. ), Synchronicity is a frustrating experience. You can tell that there’s talent behind the scenes; Jacob Gentry’s direction is sharp, he makes the most of his Etsy budget to create a believable futurescape, and the sound design outpaces every other aspect of the film. It’s clearly a case of the filmmaker’s reach exceeding his grasp. A noble failure, but a failure nonetheless.

Everything you need to know about Lazer Team can be found in the trailer. Four buddies accidentally shoot down a UFO and discover alien battle armour in the wreckage, making them mankind’s only hope to defend the Earth from an invasion. Created by the comedy collective Rooster Teeth, there’s only one reason this sophomoric comedy couldn’t have been a web series—the surprisingly good special effects. Then again, I’m twice the age of the target audience for whom the law of diminishing returns on dick jokes doesn’t apply. Needless to say, Galaxy Quest’s status at the top of the sci-fi-comedy heap is secure.