TAD festival preview: Knights, zombies and A Christmas Horror Story

El Bosque Negro. Black Forest. That’s reason one why I’ll be checking out this afternoon’s shorts program at Toronto After Dark. I have no idea what the story is about (the trailer, above, is in Spanish and doesn’t have subtitles), other than it has knights and wildling warriors (Harii perhaps) and the production values are through the roof. This looks stunning. And we could use more movies about knights in the vein of John Boorman’s Excalibur.


The first feature of the evening is Night of the Living Deb, the kind of movie that sounds like they came up with the title over a round of beers and then decided to actually make the movie. It’s a zombie comedy (obviously) that stars Ray Wise (Robocop, Twin Peaks) and frankly I’m having a hard time getting excited about another undead story, especially one that intentionally wants to be funny.


But I’ll definitely be in line for A Christmas Horror Story. When it comes to Christmas and horror I admit that I’m a bit of an easy lay, something about all that cheer and tinsel and fresh white snow being stained red—deck the halls with blood and guts and all that—that really brings me tidings of comfort and joy. And this movie promises Santa Claus getting medieval on the Krampus. Or the Krampus getting medieval on St. Nick.