Review: FARHOPE TOWER ain’t afraid of no ghosts

Ever watched one of those paranormal “reality” TV shows? Of course you have. Ever wanted to see a feature film version of one of those shows? Probably not. But if, for some reason, the idea of watching deadpan and dumb wannabe Ghostbusters explore an abandoned apartment building appeals to you, then look no further than Farhope Tower, which plays during the Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival. It seems that a lot of suicides took place in the titular tower before it mysteriously closed, and now five paranormal investigators with dreams of reality TV stardom start Scooby-Dooing around with their video cameras. The movie is sharply directed—April Mullen has an eye for atmosphere and she mercifully keeps the first-person POV stuff to a minimum—but it’s not very scary. Or at all scary. It’s mildly creepy, perhaps, with one moment that startles. And mystery of who or what is haunting the building is no more interesting than your average episode of Ghost Hunters.