“I think this guy’s a couple cans short of a six-pack”

So what are we doing here? I mean, I know what you’re probably thinking: Another movie site? Frankly, I’m asking myself the same thing.

I stepped away from film journalism the last couple of years, partly by choice and partly due to the shrinking—and undervalued—freelance market. I didn’t even attend last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, which, after 15 years as an accredited journalist, I felt was kind of like my Mardi Gras. Stranger still, I didn’t take in a single Midnight Madness screening. Midnight Madness, where I’ve had some of my greatest cinema experiences, including Ong Bak at the Uptown Theatre. And the truth was, I didn’t miss it.

Then I skipped this year’s TIFF, and while I didn’t feel like I missed anything, certainly not the overstuffed screening schedule, the tightly controlled and impossibly brief interviews, the general chaos and hectic pace, there were some terrific Midnight Madness movies that I wish I’d seen. Sure, I’ll eventually catch up with them in theatres or on VOD or home video, but it’s not the same as seeing them in the Ryerson Theatre with that crowd at midnight.

The idea of writing about films again began to gnaw at me, especially if I could write about the kinds of films I enjoy most—action, horror, science fiction, fantasy and other bits of cultish weirdness. Some might call them “genre” films, although every film falls into one genre or another. Comedy is a genre; drama is a genre.

So the idea of Switchblade Cinema started to take shape. Truth be told, Todd Brown over at Twitch Film helped plant the seed more than a year ago. He read my occasional comments on something posted on Twitch and sent me a message, asking why I wasn’t writing any more. Then, just a few weeks ago I reached out to Adam Lopez at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival with the vague idea of wanting to cover the festival in some fashion and he couldn’t have been more supportive. Start a website, he said. Write, he said. And, well, here we are.

So I’ll be writing, and hopefully you’ll be reading. If not, well, everybody needs a hobby.